Continuing Education at the University of Liverpool

If you are looking to develop relevant new skills in 2020, or you simply enjoy learning and keeping your mind active, Continuing Education at the University of Liverpool is the place to start.

The diverse and flexible programme offers a range of short courses, lectures and day schools exploring a wide variety of subjects.

What’s more, the courses are based in our fantastic city, so our luxury apartments could be the idea place to stay and study – you can check out or book our L3Living accommodation here.

Adult Education for All

The University of Liverpool from its founding has led on the provision of adult education for all. The benefits of lifelong learning—for personal development or for pleasure—continues to be integral to the University in 2020. Continuing Education (CE) at the University of Liverpool provides a programme of over 200 short courses, lectures and one-day workshops covering a wide-range of subjects, taught by our experts whose courses give you privileged access to our cutting-edge research.

Courses run all year round, and with flexible start times you can enroll on a course anytime throughout the year. A variety of courses are starting this January and February that are designed to enhance your CV, develop your interests,and keep your mind sharp.

Fantastic Range of Courses

This January you can learn project management, leadership or technical programming, and for those of you who would like to learn to play an instrument, you can learn the piano or the guitar. Our creative writing programme explores the fundamentals of the writing process, including poetry and screenwriting. Or you may simply be looking for something to keep you busy during the winter months – and we have a fantastic range of courses exploring English literature, local and world history, philosophy, art history, archaeology and mental wellbeing.

Our courses are designed for adults regardless of age, background or qualifications.All are welcome. CE is a key provider of adult learning in the City and offers an affordable and accessible University learning experience for everyone. Immerse yourself in a number of courses or simply dip in and learn what you need.

If you would like to learn more about this Liverpool institution visit or follow us on Twitter @livuniCE.

Image: Wikimedia Commons – Derek Harper / Victoria Building, University of Liverpool