Liverpool Council to discuss Airbnb limits

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Liverpool Council are said to be discussing setting potential limits on the amount of times a person can let out their property on sites like Airbnb at their next meeting. This is a serious issue that needs to be sorted out quickly as it causes many problems for customers and similar businesses.

We frequently receive phone calls from tourists who have been let down by these providers (especially on busy dates). Upon arrival they often discover no rooms are available for them, the room hasn’t been cleaned, there are no keys left or no clear instructions of how to check in or out.

We understand that there are some legitimate hosts out there that do provide great experiences to people renting out spare rooms and home sharing, but these “rogue” operators can’t be allowed to get away with much more.

Hopefully the next council meeting will generate some positive results. We urge everyone to please do your research before you book on websites such as AirBnB! 

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